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Electrical Installations Mejía S.R.L. Is an avant-garde company in which concepts such as quality,  environment, prevention of occupational risks, and responsibility to its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders, are assumed as key elements of its main mission towards business excellence.
We are an innovative organization, that we provide to our clients, technology of first level, materials of high quality and skilled labor at competitive costs; Which becomes a high degree of efficiency and productivity.

Our mission

Provide a high quality service that complies with all international norms and regulations and in turn supply and / or manage equipment and materials for the optimal development of your projects.

Experts in electrical assemblies
We have a team of specialists in each of the areas we develop, adding experience and quality in our services.
Our experience

We have more than 20 years of experience in the field and more than 100 employees. Our skilled workforce has engineers and specialized technicians with the appropriate field knowledge to manage projects that demand high quality standards and accurate delivery time.

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Eugenio Deschamps Corner. M. María Le Marche #4, La Castellana. Santo Domingo.

Phone: 809-548-7716

Fax: 809-548-7716

Email: info@instalacionesmejia.com

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